Teknos TDS / SDS search engine 

Find and download Teknos product datasheets or safety data sheets

With this easy to use search engine you can find and download technical data sheets and safety data sheets for Teknos products.
Enter the product name and click on "Search". Change between buttons Technical Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets to find the right document, click on the link to view and download the file.

If you can't find the TDS or SDS:

  • delete variant number from the product name e.g. instead of AQUATOP 2600-72 search only for AQUATOP 2600 or AQUATOP
  • check if product is to be found on the alphabetical list (in order to create the alphabetical list of all products click on reset)



In order to download proper material safety data sheets for Teknos products manufactured in Denmark you should check conformity of safety data sheet number with label number on the package. 

Foreign languages

Search engine finds TDS and SDS also in other languages than English, if you change for another language and confirm the change by clicking on Reset.